Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows

The best time to start writing your vows is about a month before your wedding date. By then most of the wedding is planned and with the help of your Day of Wedding Coordinator or your Wedding Planner your vision is finally coming together.

Schedule some alone time, maybe find an outdoor location that can inspire you, a place that means something to you both, so you can focus your mind and heart on your soul mate.

Ask yourself some questions: Why have I chosen this person to be my partner? Why did I fall in love with him/her? What do I love the most about him/her? What are you saying Yes to? Before you know it a flood of emotions will come rushing to you and set the tone for your vows.

Listen to music that takes you back to some of the most loving, crazy, or fun moments you have shared so far.

After gathering your own thoughts look for external inspiration, there are many websites that have inspiring wedding quotes. You will find the quotes that speak to you whether they are romantic, funny, or simply reflect how you express your love for each other.

Just remember to speak from the heart. Your vows are about you and your partner so do not try to force them. At that moment, you, and your partner, even though you will have witness to your union, are speaking to each other.

Once you have crafted your vows, you want to practice, but do not stress, remember, you are speaking from your heart, so nothing can be said wrong.

Make sure you give a copy to your officiant, wedding planner, best man, or maid of honor as backup.

A cute way to have them forever and for your guest to see and read after the ceremony, is to incorporate them in your wedding set up. You can type them, frame them and display at the registration table. A beautiful keep sake of your wedding.

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