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Wedding Insurance

Updated: May 19, 2021

Peace of Mind: Wedding Insurance

This product has been around for many years yet not many couples take advantage. The cost varies but it is affordable and gives you the green light to plan your dream wedding and peace of mind that if any unforeseen event rises your wedding will be protected. It is also important to contract vendors that are insured.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Wedding liability insurance is a specialty policy designed to protect and reimburse the wedding couple for certain losses from accidents that occur during the rehearsal, wedding, and reception. Wedding liability insurance covers items such as damage to the facility caused by a guest or vendor, bodily injury to guests, or even alcohol-related accidents.

Cancellation or Postponement Coverage

The cancellation/postponement policy protects the non-refundable deposits on everything connected with the wedding, should it be cancelled or postponed for a covered reason. This is the investment you would lose if you were forced to reschedule your wedding at the last minute and lost all your non-refundable deposits.

Some of the covered reasons are severe weather conditions such as hurricanes/blizzards; sudden illness/injury to the bride/groom or immediate family member; job loss; venue bankruptcy; and withdrawal of military leave.

Wedding Video/Photo Coverage

Wedding insurance includes coverage for photos and videos. That means, if your photographer or videographer does not show up for the event, or does not deliver photos and videos when promised, you are covered.

Protection for Wedding Gifts

Wedding Insurance can provide coverage for wedding gifts (excluding cash and gift cards).

Special Attire and Jewelry Coverage

Wedding Insurance includes coverage for lost or damaged dresses or attire and special jewelry coverage that includes lost or damaged wedding rings.

Coverage for Lost Deposits

Wedding insurance protects lost deposits, such as those paid to bakers, caterers, bridal boutiques, and wedding venues that go out of business.

Additional Wedding Expenses

Wedding insurance can provide coverage for additional and unexpected expenses that come up, such as replacing a damaged wedding cake, spoiled food and other glitches in catering and entertainment.

Additional Wedding Coverage

Wedding Liability Insurance

Wedding liability insurance is an optional coverage that can covers damages to the venue or injuries to guests.

Liquor Liability Coverage

This is optional wedding day coverage that can protect against on premises alcohol-related accidents that can result in your liability. Liquor liability coverage is available up to the liability limit on the policy. Liability coverage must be purchased to acquire this additional wedding coverage option.

Below are some companies that offer this protection.

information compile from several websites.


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