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New Wedding Venue-St Petersburg-Florida-Brews & I Do's

Updated: May 16, 2022

Styled Shoot-Bayboro North Events & Entertainment-By Bayboro Brewing Co.

Skip the champagne toast and cheers with your favorite brews

We are proud to present a new wedding venue in St Petersburg Florida: Bayboro North Events & Entertainment, a unique space located in the heart of St Petersburg’s art district, and an extension of Bayboro Brewing Company. “A destination for lovers of unique, quality, craft local brews.”

Now you can say the I do’s and give your guests an experience that can only be found in this carefully crafted space in combination with “a town square for local craft beer aficionados and those who want to learn more” A must see and an experience that will truly Wow you.

“In the mid-11th century, bredale was overtaken by the more popular spelling, bride ale, referring to the post-wedding celebrations where beer was often served freely.”

Bayboro Brewing Co. is already one of the beloved staples in our amazing community. A local family-oriented company and veteran owned. The perfect place to host an unforgettable event such as your wedding and all your family events.

First Comes Love Then Comes Beer

Hair & Makeup by: Creative Touches

Our love for weddings and Bayboro’s distinctive award-winning brews is a partnership that will cater to all your needs when planning your wedding by creating a unique I do’s & Brews that will truly enhance your guest experience.

Bayboro North Events & Entertainment
Brewing Up Love

Flowers by: By The Bay

Barrels of Love

Flowers by: By The Bay

I Love You To The Brewery And Back

Flowers by: By The Bay

 St. Pete Slumber Company
Kids at Heart

Kid's corner by: St. Pete Slumber Company

Marriage Is The Icing In The Cake

You Are The Hops To My Barley

Flowers by: By The Bay

Brews & I Do's

Models: Natalie and James (Landrum Photography)

It is not the journey it is who you are traveling with

We are so excited to show you around, send us an email at or fill out the contact form to schedule your tour.

“Our Passion Is Your Perfect Wedding”

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