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Wedding Tips

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

What Kind of Bride are You?

No one wants to be stereotyped but thinking about your own personal style may help you determine the type of wedding that fits you best. Once you establish your style, it will be easier to make other decisions along the way. The following are some of the most common bridal style.

Classic: Your fashion sense is tasteful and traditional. Timeless, Elegant, Sophisticated, Polished, Graceful.

Natural: A little bit wild child, your look is earthy, pretty and ethereal. Your style is uniquely yours. Eclectic, Enchanting, Free Spirit, Whimsical.

Modern: Clean lines with modern twist, slightly unconventional and always fashion forward, you set the trends, classy with a sass.

Playful: Easy going and relaxed the look is pure, innocent and sensual. Like a Summer breeze.

Romantic: A fairy tale wedding is for you. Feminine, Dreamy, Sentimental, Poetic, Extravagant.

Eclectic: A bit of everything, pearls and short bridal dress, you mix and match as you feel the connections.

Wedding & Ceremony Site

As you think of location you will be looking for what fits your style and what you have dream of to say;

“I DO”.

There is no right or wrong there is only style and personality. The are many options to choose from: the traditional ceremony held at a church, synagogue or other place of worship to a beach, rustic or ecofriendly location. Most importantly make it your own and place yourself in the ambiance you choose. Below are some options based on your style to consider when selecting a ceremony site and your reception venue.

Classic: Mansion, Country Club or a Traditional Ballroom.

Natural: Wooded backyard, Historic Farm, Nature site, Beach Wedding. Modern: Art Gallery, Museum, Trendy Hotel.

Playful: Beach, Vineyard or a Whimsical Backyard. Romantic: Castle, Enchanted Forest or a Sculpture Garden.

The most important is to make it your own. The trend have change, so a Romantic ceremony can take place in a beach as well as a traditional, as you keep making choices for your Bridal gown, flowers and many of the details you will put your style and personality in the overall dream wedding.

When discussing your dream wedding with your wedding planner, make sure you bring up your wildest dreams, as this will be important, and you should ask what is allowed while touring the venues.


Whether is the music playing while drifting down the aisle, the solo sung while lighting the unity candle, the sand ceremony or the tune that carries you around the floor for your first dance as a married couple, your selection will set the tone and emotions for your ceremony and reception.

A fun steel drums can add to the casual atmosphere of a beach wedding, just as classic violinist can turn up the culture quotient at a more formal affair. Music can also complement your theme. Whatever your style, your music should touch you and your future partner and make you want to dance your wedding away.


Let your beautiful soul shine through with a wedding bouquet and accompanying flowers. Let your senses and your guest experience the moment thru their sight and smell. Whether you choose simple or grand, flowers can add a tangible romantic dimension and yet a festive mood. A classical bride might choose a traditional cascade and a natural bride, a simple hand tied bouquet of natural stems berries and daisies.

The color and the consistency in the flowers will pull together your whole look, theme even aroma.


Consider the overall style of the photographs you want. While traditional approach is still use, there are so many trends and ways to capture the moments. Most couples today want that modern, fun, artsy approach. Ask the potential photographer to show you his portfolio, visit their website and look for reference. They are capturing a once in a life story make sure their style and approach meets your expectation and most importantly you feel comfortable with.


Selecting your officiant will depend on your ceremony site location. If you have decided on a church or temple of your faith you probably already have discussed what is needed but either way make sure you make an appointment so you can ask all the necessary questions. If you are going with a location outside the traditional faith based, make sure you ask some basic questions for the potential officiant.

How much are you allowed to customize the ceremony? Do you perform religious based ceremonies?

What will you select for readings?

What kind of rehearsal will we have prior to the wedding?

When do we give you our marriage license?

When will it be signed? Do you file it or do we?

How long so you think the ceremony will last?

Hair & Makeup

While your hair is always a reflection of your style, on this special day you want to add a little sass and a touch of sophistication and would last through the final dance.

Whether your style is classic, modern or natural, choosing the right hair and makeup artist is a must. A great hair and makeup artist will give advised on the latest trends, not only on style but accessories. Schedule a consultation so you can establish a personal connection. Above all, select a style that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Food & Cocktails

Whether you are planning a small gathering or a lavish affair, food is for the soul. People are a lot savvier about food and drinks. In the past few years, there has been an explosion of creativity when it comes to presentation and is part of the overall experience.

Crafty drinks, signature drinks, pairing food and drinks is the style and all your favorites can be blend seamless providing your guest with an unforgettable experience and a talk beyond your special day.

Same goes for the food. Choices are endless, from traditional buffet, creative stations, five-four or three course dinners to a fun heavy hors d'oeuvres reception. You will find your favorites and what fits to your budget.

Make sure you set up a complimentary tasting with the caterer or venue you choose. If possible, request the Chef to be part of your experience so you can discuss alternatives for special meals such as gluten free, allergies, vegetarian, vegan and so on that might be needed for special guest requests.

Our advised is to have fun with the process!

Wedding Cake-Groom's Cake

Although many venues that offer packages might guide you on who they use as the baker, some other venues might not. So, this is the time for some sweet adventures.

Choices today, as food and drinks offer, for wedding cakes are plentiful: traditional wedding cake, multi tears towers with colors, multiple shapes and flavors, mini cupcakes there is something to suit every style and every taste.

Have fun selecting your delicious dessert that will truly be icing on the cake!


Today’s choices are truly endless and a great way to set the stage for your big day.

Whether you are choosing a traditional invitation or a modern look, make sure invitations or a set that include Save the Date cards, make sure that reflects your personal style and wedding theme. Below are suggestions for colors base on your style.

Classic: White, Cream, Silver, Soft Pastels. Natural: Clay, Wheat, Ivory.

Modern: Colorful Metallics, Sleek Black and White, Brown and Ivory. Playful: Latte, Cotton Candy, Pistachio, Lilac.

Romantic: Pink, Cream, Red.

For additional information and a Free Consultation fill out the request information form on the site.

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